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    company profiles

    Gishiqi Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a large modern enterprise group specializing in the production, research and development, sales and service of building ceramic products. The company was founded in 2013. Its products include starry sky nano-stone all-ceramic medium plate series, Jiangnan Impression series, 135 # stone series, super wear-resistant series, Kunlun rock plate series, super large plate series, etc. 400 * 800mm, 800 * 800mm, 500 * 1000mm, 600 * 1200mm, 750 * 1500mm, 900 * 1800mm, 1200 * 2400mm and other specifications. Relying on strong financial strength, enterprises continue to introduce industry-leading production equipment and technology. On the basis of ensuring product quality, each series of products is of novel design, diversified specifications, and complete supporting facilities. At the same time, it has excellent physical advantages such as strong abrasion resistance, high hardness, low water absorption, and convenient care. Ornamental market appeal.


    As a modern ceramic company, shi qi ceramic for "focus, innovation, seiko" brand concept, using the sensitive, futuristic vision and reach international fashion elements, efforts to create more accord with contemporary aesthetic feelings and the needs of modern decoration ceramics products, in order to promote the ascension of the core competitiveness, shi qi, and make pioneering role to improve the quality of life in contemporary household.

    In the future development of the road, shi qi ceramic will always take the market as the guidance, according to the product development and space applications and consumer demand changes in the continuous efforts, commitment to society to create natural harmony, happiness, happiness of living life.