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    corporate culture

    "Sincere, pragmatic, innovation, service", we are always following the enterprise culture idea!      1474698413991753.png

    Our enterprise culture idea is: in good faith as the guide, based on the practical, by means of innovation, service as guarantee.

    Sincere: first person, after doing things to the company all staff sincerely treat colleagues, customers, honest, honest with each other.

    Pragmatic: request all staff is steadfast, to do their job, earnestly work pay attention to the steady, rigorous, practical and applicable.

    Innovation: our knowledge, thoughts and methods must be walk in the forefront of the society, positive enterprising, brave in exploitation, the pursuit of excellence.

    Service: to establish a customer-focused service concept, to improve enterprise, enterprise to the society, to the customer and the enterprise internal departments and between departments, and job service consciousness.